The Do Not Track Conspiracy

The Do Not Track Conspiracy


Robert Ryan Carter AKA RCcola1987

So what’s Do Not Track and how does it affect you? If you haven’t heard about tracking cookies before; then either you don’t use the internet or are just living beneath a rock. This controversy has been raging for as long as I can remember.

So what are tracking cookies? Tracking cookies are small files used to track what sites you go to and what add you have seen. Now don’t jump to conclusions; this information is for the most part anonymized and only stays on your computer for a short period of time. In most cases if you have a spyware program on your computer it will delete them for you automatically.

Regulation sucks! And I’d like to note that I am a liberal at hart so to say that says a lot. The internet works because we don’t have heavy handed rules laid down by government and big business. The internet works because it is self-regulating. When something offends the majority of the internet community we respond by blocking or just not going to the place that has performed these actions and eventually the company or entity run out of money and influence thus fixing the problem.

Shame on you LifeHacker! Life hacker has written many articles talking about how bad tracking cookies are and how to block them. This is not only bad information but is also harmful to them. As a free media type that must serve adds to survive turning on do not track will hurt them.

Professor Jeff Jarvis said it best in the article Piracy v. do not track written on 2/23/12.

“Consider the similarities between piracy and do not track. They’re greater than you think, for both reduce value for content creators. And both are excuses for internet regulation.

In piracy, a content company sets business rules: You must pay for my product; if you take it without paying for it, you are robbing me of value.

With do not track, an advertising-supported content company sets business rules: You will get my content for free because I will serve you ads and I will increase their efficiency, performance, and value by targeting them to your interests and behavior; if you block the cookies that make that possible, you are robbing me of value.

The difference between the two is that there is a furor over piracy as theft but, quite to the contrary, there is a rush to enable the blocking of ad tracking as a virtue.”

If you follow the money in most cases you find the supporters of Do Not Track legislation to be anti-internet freedom and do not like net neutrality. This problem is just one of an increasingly disturbing path the world’s governments have chosen to take. Whether it is the NSA or big business we the people need to take back control and stop this absolutely stupid attempt at controlling what we can do and say on the internet.

If you would like to read more please check out the links below and for an excellent Q. and A. with Jeff Jarvis please check out this link.


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